The Road-E Electric Car

Produced by The Hughes Group of Companies
Produced by The Hughes Group of Companies


Hughes Engineering’s desire to contribute to solutions to climate change has resulted in our development of what we hope will be Australia’s first production, all Australian designed, three-seat, electric motor vehicle.

‘The ‘Road-e’ is driven by state-of-the-art electronics and batteries and features an ultra-sleek and ultra-light aerodynamic body. Driving with a single rear wheel with two steerable wheels up front. And yes, there are a lot of similarities between the body of our Road-e and our Australian LightWing SP-2000 aircraft.

The CO2 emissions produced by the Road-e can be reduced to absolute zero by charging the vehicle from a home charging station based on solar and/or wind energy. Even if the vehicle is plugged into the grid for charging purposes, the amount of greenhouse gas produced per kilometre will be reduced to no more than 10 per cent of that which would be produced were the vehicle powered by burning fossil fuels.

The electricity stored in the Road-e’s high tech batteries will cost no more than a dollar to charge, making the cost per kilometre over a 200km trip little more 2 cents per kilometre.

For more information please visit the Road-E Website.




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