Save the World

I’ve been coming across a few amazing websites lately focused on green energy and innovative ideas towards climate change.

As our company designs and manufactures an extremely aerodynamic electric car, I realize the positive designs aspects in the ‘Roadie’ will be canceled out by the coal emissions if it is simply plugged in and powered up off the grid – town power – created by fossil fuels.

I would like to post a few websites I have found, but also come back and add to this list, and I would love you to share your findings, with me.

Technology seminars. Ideas Worth Spreading.

Solar energy 24 hours a day.

I am smitten with the idea and purposefulness of the “Green Roof” technology.


My thoughts are with the Japanese communities that have been so devastatingly effected by the tsunami this past weekend, and now they are dealing with the consequences of nuclear power. Yes, nuclear power is grand and big and creates the power required for such countries. But this can not be the answer. This can not be the key for human society to move forward. It’s not the answer to the question.


New Page on

As our website undergoes it’s make-over and renovations for 2011, we are happy to announce a new site on our website.

The ALW High Resolution Page is now ready for you to view!

Our site stats show many people are downloading images off our site, and we are happy to direct you to this page for high resolution images.

Please contact us via email or by phone if there is an image on our site you would like in high res, and we will be happy to place the image on this page for your viewing, editorial or research needs.

Thanks so much!

The IT Team at Hughes Engineering – Home of Australia’s Safest Light Sport Aircraft.


Temora Easter Airshow


We hope to see you at NATFLY 2011 at Temora in just a few weeks now!!

Good Friday, 22nd April to Easter Sunday, 24th April

Come and join us at Temora! We will see you there and you’ll see the ALW SPEED!!!

NATFLY looks set to be bigger than ever – so come and visit the event that brings us all together. Make sure you mark this weekend in your calendar.

For more information check out the RA-Aus web site, and for accommodation information, please contact Ann Pike at the Temora Tourist Information Office. Ann has details on motels, hotels, B&Bs, home-stays and much more!

Email or telephone 02 6977 1511.

Currently @ The Hughes Group Factory

In the photo’s, view the Green Back Single Seat Australian LightWing – (The Re-Furbished Pocket Rocket) is looking very happy with her new green paint job and black highlights.

And a happy snap of the Australian LightWing factory. Note the SPEED Fibreglass mould on the left and the SP6000 sanding tent set up on the extreme right, and the SPEED LightWing wings under construction in the centre of the shot.

The SP-6000 Project

February 24th, 2011 at the Hughes Group Factory.

Here we see Nick Hughes, masking out and preparing the front windscreen design for the Sp-6000, and also positioning the windscreen mullions.

The second picture shows looking along the main spar Sp-6000 wing under construction.

Please click on the image for a closer look!

SP 6000 and the Green Back!

The SP6000 – 6 seat Australian LightWing aircraft – Project is cooking along at a rapid pace! Jan, Gregory and Dieter are working on the Plug for the Sp6000 – assembling the frames and inserting the foam. The Plug is then sanded to the correct shape.

The SP 6000 Design Project

Also – busy before Christmas! – the “Green Back” Pocket Rocket – single seat Australian LightWing has a new paint job and Mal and Graham are busy assembling the exhaust system.

Single Seat Australian LightWing

New Website and New Aircraft!

Our new website is nearly ready! I’m very excited to launch it as soon as possible – gimme another minute!

In the meantime, currently at the Australian LightWing factory, there is a new aircraft on the floor that is ready to be taken home –

Available now: New SP-2000 (nose wheel) with glass cockpit including artificial terrain on 10″ screen, variable in-flight pitch prop, (120kt cruise at 20lph fuel burn) X-Com VHF radio, electric flaps, carb heat, leather upholstry, Firgelli-ALW 3 axis stick-controlled trim and lots more features. Call Howie on 0433 580 047 to book your flight and / or discuss a great deal on this new Australian made aircraft.

This Aircraft could be yours!

Color white with highlights and wheel fairings.
Contact us now for more information!