About ALW

The Australian LightWing is Manufactured by the Hughes Group of Companies, or ‘Hughes Group’ for short.

The Hughes Group’s goal is to provide sports aviation aircraft that conform to the worlds highest standards in style, performance and safety whilst maintaining customer relations that exceed our existing and future customers expectations.

Style: The Low wing 2 and 4 seat SP-2000 and SP-4000 and soon the six seat SP-6000, represent the ultimate in stylish, comfortable and ergonomically superior aircraft. These features add up to an aircraft that will retain its resale value, be a pleasure to operate over its lifetime and provide years of safe reliable operation.

Performance: With over 200 aircraft flying throughout Australia, USA and the South Pacific, the LightWing airframe in general and the new SP-2000 and SP-4000 airframe in particular, have earned a reputation for delivering industry standard performance, stall 45 kts for low landing speed, cruise at 120 kts, means a useful aircraft that can pay its way in either a commercial or private area of operation.

Safety: In 26 years of manufacturing and with a fleet of close to 200 aircraft, no other manufacturer in the world can match our impeccable safety record.

We attribute our aircrafts safety to a number of factors including superior aerodynamic design, the design of our pilot protection space frame, backup and redundant systems for fuel, electrical and other mission critical attributes and our level of safety is further enhanced by an on-going manufacturing and customer communication system aimed at minimizing the possibility of safety issues becoming critical in the future.

Take a direct link to:

The Australian LightWing Website

The Australian LightWing SP2000 WebPage

The Australian LightWing SP6000 WebPage – 6 seat

The Electric Car Project ‘The Roadie’ WebPage


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